Unique Bathroom Wall Clocks

Why don’t people put clocks in the bathroom? Have you ever wondered that? I like to know what time it is when I’m taking a shower, especially on a work day. I’m a bit obsessive about being on time. It’s quite easy to get distracted and be late if there’s no way to tell how much time has passed. I need a reminder of what time it is in every room of my house.

Water resistant clocks are important in the humidity of the bathroom. Did you know there are shower clocks that can be used in the shower and some have suction cups so the clock can be placed on a mirror, tile, or wall? These timepiece can be functional as well as decorative. They are a necessity especially if you are obsessive about time or always seem to running late.

There are several different considerations that you may consider when choosing a bathroom clock. The first is the humidity. It needs to be able to withstand the moisture in the room it should be made of a material that will be able to endure the humidity.

Of course readability is always an important one. If the area is large you’ll want to ensure you can see it from everywhere and discern the numbers. Design and color are important to fit in with your color scheme. Then there are the different styles. Some hang on the wall, some are made for use in the shower, and others have suction cups so they can be attached to a mirror.