Old Fashioned Telephones Candlestick Phones

Candlestick phones or stick phones, as they were once called, were popular from 1890 to 1930. These upright desk stands consisted of a tube shaft, a transmitter and a receiver which were separate pieces. Some of them had a rotary dial and some didn’t have a dial at all, a person┬ájust picked up the receiver and talked to the operator.

A potbelly candlestick phone made by Western Electric has become a highly sought after collector’s item. Traditionally they were generally black in color, but the reproductions of them are available in wood, brass, and chrome. If you have one of these in your home you’ll definitely have people noticing it because they are so distinctive looking.

Column Phone 1897 Reproduction

This reproduction phone looks old fashioned but it works just like a real phone. It has all the modern conveniences with last number redial, ringer off/on switch, and flash/pause. Beautifully finished with chrome trim for a sophisticated nostalgic look. Looks antique but it is a real working phone.

Black Colored Candlestick Phone

Crosley candlestick phone

When the upright desk stand was first invented they were all mostly black. The ones that were made more intricately are highly sought after by candlestick collectors today. This Crosley candlestick phone is a replica of a 1900 upright desk stand. It looks like a rotary dial, but it’s really a push button. Modern technology with an old fashioned look.