Items Made From Wine Bottles

Whether you are looking for ideas to repurpose your wine bottles or looking to buy products made from reused wine glass there are many ideas to choose from. Companies are making some really cool stuff out of recycled materials these days. The green, gold, and cobalt blue glass is being turned into tumblers, solar lights, wind chimes, and even earring and necklaces. There are many ways to reuse wine bottles.

Peacock wine bottle

Are you looking for ideas for your own recycling projects? Then check out the wine bottle peacock on the left. It’s interesting to see the different ways this colored glass has been re-cycled. Design a unique recycled sculpture by using your own reclaimed glass wine bottles or purchase a metal framework to get you started. There is even a metal frame available for a bottle tree. What a wonderful way to reuse your old glass creatively.

It’s amazing some of ways they can come up with to reuse stuff. They made what would have been garbage into something functional and useful. Sometimes we just need to think a bit harder and look at things a bit differently to see new uses for things. I’m amazed at some of these projects. Sometime the glass has been sliced into smaller pieces such as earrings made from wine bottles, sometimes almost the whole bottle is reused, and sometimes they are melted down and molded into something entirely different. There are so many creative ways that things can be reused.

Simple Ways to Reuse Things

  1. I try to reuse things and eliminate what I throw away wherever I can. These are some of the things I do:
  2. Use plastic containers rather than plastic wrap for making sandwiches for school or work.
  3. Repair and sew items that have holes in them so they can be used a bit longer.
  4. Use newspapers and magazines for wrapping gifts.
  5. Buy recycled items whenever possible.
  6. Minimize the use of plastic bags and use my own tote bags for groceries.
  7. Walk when possible and minimize the use of my car for only longer trips.
  8. Signed up with companies to receive bills electronically rather than by mail.

Green, Brown, and Cobalt Wine Glassware – Repurposed Tumblers

These beautiful glasses are made from wine bottles that have been cut.

recycled wine glasses