Home Decor Made From Recycled Materials

Recycled Art House Items

Items made from recycled materials are becoming more trendy these days. Recycled art is made from found items and fashioned into popular upscale functional and decorative pieces. It’s a great way to repurpose and reuse items that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill site. Recycled art house items are a great way to make your purchases help with keeping items that would have been thrown out, out of the landfills.

Find reclaimed decor made from used magazines, old newspapers, scrap metal, glass, and even reclaimed flip flops that have been made into a door mat. All have found a new use and function and all are made from waste material.

I challenge myself not to use brand new items wherever I can. It’s a small thing, but one that I feel is necessary in our throw away world. I know that I’m doing something that makes a difference.

Recycled Metal Coffee Drinking Frog

coffee drinking frog

You can also purchase the frog with coffee cup directly from Plow & Hearth or use the link to purchase from Amazon. The frog gets fabulous reviews, especially from those that collect tin art. This colorful, eye-catching coffee drinking frog will be sure to make you smile. He makes a great conversation piece for the garden, porch, or patio. Handmade from recycled oil drums by Balinese artists. Size: 11-1/2″L x 9″W x 15″H

Recycled Vinyl Record Bowls

recycled vinyl record bowls

The recycled vinyl records have been made into a bowl. Designed by Jeff Davis who rescues unwanted records and creates functional art that can be used around the home. The bowls are made from real 12-inch vinyl records and can be used for fruit, dry snacks, or to display knick knacks. They even have the original label intact and are protected against wear with a clear mylar seal. Available in a variety of music genres!

Vinyl Record Coasters

vinyl record coasters

Made by designer Jeff Davis these rescued vintage LPs have been recycled by turning them into coaster sets. Each record coaster is created from a real vinyl LP record and has the original label in place. The coasters are coated with a clear mylar seal that protects them from moisture. The coasters are available in a wide variety of different music artists and bands.

Recycled Metal Gecko

recycled metal gecko

This handmade gecko is crafted in Haiti from recycled metal oil drums. There is a small sized hook on the back which aids in hanging the gecko on the wall. It is hand painted in bright colors and designs that are inspired by local Haitian culture. The gecko measures 8 inches long and is a Fair Trade item.

Recycled Candy Wrapper Purse

recycled candy wrapper purse

Unique eco friendly handbag made from candy and snack wrappers. With a sturdy strap to keep the bag safely under the arm. Colorful confetti pattern ensures no two bags are alike. The woven pattern takes days to put together. Each one is a unique work of wearable art.

Recycled Wine Bottles

wine bottle wind chime

This wine bottle wind chime consists of reclaimed bottles of cobalt blue, dark brown, and lime green sliced and melted to make glass circle drops with a glass bead hanging in the center. They are hung with a clear filament so they appear to be suspended without support. The glass circles are all suspended from a glass panel displaying the same colors. It is designed for outside use, but in an area where strong winds are minimal.

Paper Spirals Bowl

recycled paper bowl

This is art that reuses magazines. Recycled magazines have been folded and rolled into circles and put on the outside of a bamboo bowl. The recycled magazines have been made water repellent and the bowl is food safe. I love the look of this, isn’t it pretty? This food safe bowl can be used for salads or fruit.

Hanging Owl Made of Glass

recycled glass owl hanging

Using recycled items for art can be beautiful This gorgeous crafted owl is made from recycled glass bottles and is sure to delight with the way it shimmers in the light. The owl can be hung outside in your garden or inside the house. This is art that is functional.