Daum Crystal Glassware

Daum crystal glassware is delicate beauty at its finest. Each piece is intricately detailed using a process dated back to Egyptian times. The process produces a luxurious fineness unseen in glassware. When the light reflects through these perfect French crystal pieces they sparkle with brilliance. Beautiful Daum Nancy glassware is prized the world over for its exquisite beauty. All the pieces are signed and authenticated by the Daum studio. With their innovative design and appeal they easily complement any glass art collection.

Authentic Daum Art Glass

daum dragon

Hold one of these pieces up to the light or place it in a spot where the sunlight will shine on it and you’ll see the fine beauty that makes this crystal so highly prized. This stunning amber dragon is handcrafted in France. The dragon is in the shape of the number eight which is the symbol for friendship, balance, prudence, and love. A highly collectible figurine which will be treasured for generations. Each piece is numbered and signed.

The History of the Beautiful Crystal – Early Crystal Glassworks

In 1878 Jean Daum took over a window pane factory in Nancy, France. After setting up an artistic department in the company in 1893, the factory began the move toward the Art Nouveau style and more creative glasswork. In 1920 the company began experimenting with Art Deco and thus Daum glass begin to take on a more crystallized and frosted appearance.

The studio was always challenging and encouraging their glassmakers to be innovative and creative. In 1968 they revived a glass paste technique, an ancient method of casting glass which elevated them to the luxury brand they are today. They are the only glassmaker today that is able to use this technique with such exacting precision.