Clocks With Different Time Zones

Need to calculate the time in around part of the world? How about planning a meeting time with someone in another time zone? Figuring out the time in another city can be easy with the aid of a world time watch or clock that displays different time zones. There’s lots of time zone calculators on the internet as well.

World Time Zone Wall Clock

If you are looking for a world clock or time zone converter they’re easy to find nowadays. If you are a traveler or planning an event on the other side of the world you’ll need to know what time it is there. A dual time watch or travel clock might be just what you need. There’s even wall clocks that display the time zones of different places so you can see several different times at a glance. It’s nice when you are traveling to be able to see how many hours ahead or behind the place you are visiting is. Also handy when you want to phone home and don’t want to wake anyone up because it’s nighttime there.

Interesting Facts About World Time Zones

Dual Time Zone Watch
  1. Arizona is the only US state that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings Time.
  2. The International Date Line is an imaginary line that is drawn through the Pacific Ocean where the date changes.
  3. Though China spans five time zones, the entire country uses the same time, UTC+8.
  4. Though the world time zones are set in increments of one hour, some places use offset time zones which means their time can different by half an hour or fifteen minutes.
  5. Russia has the most time zones with eleven, followed by the US with nine, and Canada with six.
  6. If you go to the where the borders of Russia, Norway and Finland meet, you’ll be in three time zones at once.

World Time Zone Map – Time Differences Around the World

World Times Zone Map
By TimeZonesBoy (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The map above shows the time zones around the world. Time zones used to be measured with Greenwich Mean Time or GMT, but the standard today is Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. Time around the world is indicated by a positive or negative number with UTC time. Each time zone is in increments of one hour. When you travel east the time advances by one hour, and when you go west it the time decreases by one hour.

In the world of aviation, UTC time is called Zulu Time. Zulu time is shown as 1830Z which indicates 6:30 pm and is also known as military time. You can see the Military Time Zones or Zulu Time Zones based on the NATO phonetic alphabet here: Military Time Zones list.

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