How to Choose 3 Panel Wall Art, Get Three Pictures in One

Looking for a beautiful art piece for your living room or den? Have you considered 3 piece picture set? Often large paintings and pictures are very costly, but the panels are generally cheaper. Once you hang each of the panels they look just like a large piece of artwork. How do you choose that perfect piece of art?

A modern painting of trees, a golden sunset, or a painting of roses can add instant color and brighten up a drab room. When the paintings are large, they become the focal point of the room. Maybe you’re designing a new space and looking to feature one of the colors from the painting in the room. Whether you are looking for an abstract painting, African art, a landscape painting, or a flower painting chances are good that you’ll be able to find the design you like.

Wall panel art is eye catching and will add a touch of class to any decor. A 3 piece set of wall art is an inexpensive alternative to costly art. Read on for tips on buying art and scroll for some of my favorite pieces.

How to Choose Artwork

Choosing a painting is very personal. What one person loves, another may say “Yuck”. How do you decide what piece works for your room? Of course, going with what you is like is just one of the criteria as there are many other factors that come into play.

Room Size
A large painting in small area will take over the space. Choose paintings that are a good fit for the room.

You may absolutely love that painting of fluorescent pink flamingos, but is it going to work with the colors in your room?

What’s the image made of? Is it an oil painting on canvas, or is it made of shiny metal? Hard metal artwork might not work in a room that’s decorated in an old Victorian style.

Some artwork can be very heavy and difficult to hang because of it’s weight.

Choosing art is personal. What one person loves another may dislike. Art is really one of those purchases where you go with your heart. Does the picture make you happy? Or make you gasp at the beauty? Buy art on how it makes you feel. You’ll know when you see that perfect picture that you just have to have. It will jump out at you.

Art is an expression of ourselves even when we aren’t the artist. The pieces we pick show our feelings, our tastes, our loves. Someone who gardens may love to decorate with paintings of flowers, or a horse lover may choose the picture of a horse galloping across the beach in the misty morning. We are drawn to pictures by our emotions even if we didn’t draw them.